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Need to consolidate high rate credit card balances or other loans, make home improvements, finance a college education, or cover an unexpected expense? With M.O.M it's easy.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home Equity Loans

  • Borrow as needed. Pay interest on the outstanding amount only.
  • Interest rate is variable
  • Flexible payment terms.
    Can pay the line off any time. No pre-payment charges.
  • Access credit line by using checks as many times as you like during the access period up to your credit limit.
  • Lump sum amount.
  • Interest rate is fixed for the
    life of the loan.
  • Fixed payment every month which includes principal and interest.
  • Can choose payback period from flexible maturity terms.

  • Best for those customers who have both a current need and would like to have the flexibility of a line of credit for future uses.
  • Generally for more conservative customers who want to know exactly what their monthly obligation is, and have current borrowing needs but do not foresee future ones.

More Savings Right from the Start...

Both M.O.M.'s Home Equity Lines of Credit and Loans offer you the advantages of low rates and significant tax benefits. Because your home is what secures your borrowing, you can deduct your interest* payments the same way you deduct your mortgage interest and take advantage of one of the last tax write-offs left.

* Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.


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